Here at Wardrobe we are committed to doing better for our Planet. As a fashion business we are very aware of our carbon footprint and want to take steps to become a more sustainable business and do better for our environment.

Some of the steps we are taking are:

Packaging - All our online packaging is biodegradable which is easily recycled with all your soft plastics in your recycling bin.

Suppliers - We have been engaging with our suppliers on their sustainability road maps and what we can do collectively to be more environmentally friendly.  We support sustainable brands and are working towards increasing our sustainable product offerings.

Products - Our garments are not fast throw away fashion. We have curated ranges with brands we are passionate about and know our customers love. Our aim is for our clothing to become wardrobe staples and last the test of time to worn over and over again. 

Team - Educating our people on the environmental impacts of our business and working towards operating in a greener environment. We are taking steps both in our HQ and shops with a focus around green energy, waste management and  education.

We know it's a long road but we are very proud to have started this journey, we hope you will join us in doing better for our planet.

Team Wardrobe x